10 Funny Signs Proving God Has A Sense of Humor

Churches generally have some sort of sign posted outside their doors, allowing visitors and passerby to get a look at upcoming events or simply read a bit of gospel on their morning commute. More often than not, these messages are rated G for everyone in the family. They reveal upcoming activities that everyone can take part in. Sometimes, however, misspellings and a lack of forethought end up revealing a truly disturbing message in the sign. It is usually hilarious when it happens, though. Here are ten funny signs proving God has a sense of humor.

Unity Christian Church

Over at the Unity Christian Church, the good folks had the right mind to threaten everyone with a good time down under.

Sunny Hills Church Of Christ

The minister of Sunny Hills Church Of Christ likened religion to that of science, which everyone knows is a major debate these days.

Beulab Baptist Church

The Beulab Baptist Church took things to the next level by asking how often people masturbate or having pre-marital sex. Some things are better left unsaid, though.

Clairmont Baptist Church

The Clairmont Baptist Church really needs to learn how to use proper grammar, otherwise they will forever be the church that diddles children.

First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church took a light-hearted stance on their sign by asking everyone to stop praying for the ever-falling snow that plagued their city.

Faith Baptist Church

The Faith Baptist Church decided they were going to pray for a black family. It is unclear exactly which black family they had planned to pray for, though.

Christian Outreach

The Christian Outreach church thought it would be a good idea to shorten some of their words, which ended with the above picture offering a fun time for all.

Reform Church Of Portage

The Reform Church Of Portage thought they were being smart by likening God’s love to the snow, but they were not experiencing any snow that day.

United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church has threatened to harm everyone who worries too much – that way you won’t do any self-harm along the way.

St. Paul United Church Of Christ

The St. Paul United Church Of Christ is another church that really needs a proofreader working for their sign handler. Everyone is welcomed to enjoy a leg from Pastor Thomas Ressler at the dinner.