10 Fascinating Stories Of People Who Met their Doppelgangers

Ciara and Cordelia

Ciara Murphy had recently moved to Bremen, Germany as a student — but shortly after moving from Ireland she met her doppelganger, Cordelia Roberts!

Cordelia was also a student from the UK, and both bumped into each other when more and more people told them they looked so similar. Even if they are unrelated, they are known as ‘the twins’ around university and are now BFFs, they are seen going everywhere together.

Neil and John

Retired priest Neil Richardson moved to Braintree, Essex just recently, only to find himself being constantly greeted in the neighborhood and referred to as ‘John’. He didn’t realize that he had a neighbor that looks exactly like him by the name of John Jemison. They accidentally bumped into each other, and while they have never met previously, they shared a lot of similarities: they both went to the same college and both worked as a teacher previously.