10 Famous Celebrities Who Also Invented Things

We live in a world where multi-disciplinarians are preferred in every work environment. Knowing everything about one thing is just not a viable option anymore, simply because the needs of the time are vastly different now. Most people are not satisfied with a single degree and constantly seek new areas to educate themselves. This is also the case with famous celebrities who are looking for something beyond the fame they already possess. There are many celebrities out there who are also famous inventors and have contributed to the world in more ways than one. This list includes 10 of the most famous celebrity inventors of all-time.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando was a man of many, many talents. Not only was he an amazing actor, he also played the drums and acquired numerous patents during the course of his lifetime. His most famous invention was patented in 2002 and it was a drum-head tensioning device that allowed musicans to tune the drums both manually and automatically.

Lawrence Welk

Lawrence Welk was a popular musician and talk-show host in the 50’s and 60’s but he also played around with inventing in his spare time. He created a new type of ashtray that was made in the shape of an accordion, his favorite instrument. He received a patent for this in 1953.