10 Fake Products With Hilarious Names

For every original product that you find in the market today, there are more than enough knock-offs you will likely find around the world. The Chinese and Asian markets have specialized in creating products that are extremely similar to original brands, but only made with slightly lesser quality and offered at a reduced price. This allows people to get their hands on various products, even if they don’t have the budget for it. The knock-off market though is filled with tons of products that have extremely funny names. Here is a list of 10 fake products with the funniest names.

Dolce And Banana

If you don’t want to sell your kidney to pick up a handbag from D&B, you can try your luck at Dolce and Banana instead.

Unbelieveable This Is Not Butter

I’m not sure this is not butter. It just seems too darn real to be anything else.