10 Facts You Never Knew About Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

A Helping Hand

At the age of 36, Cook was misdiagnosed with the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS). Cook has said that this experience allowed him to view the world “in a different way“, one reason the entrepreneur has adopted a healthier lifestyle. Today, he continues to raise money for research for the disease, often competing in cycling events to raise money for MS.

Since Cook became CEO, Apple has also began to demolish its “stingy” reputation specifically by matching contributions with its employees, up to an estimated $10,000. In October, Apple also announced its partnership with ConnectED initiative. The second-largest tech company announced plans to distribute at least $100 million worth of iPads to 114 underprivileged schools.

In 2011, Cook had personally donated $100 million to Stanford University hospitals as well as Product Red, an organization to support the elimination HIV/AIDS in Africa.


In 1997, Cook left his position as COO of the Reseller Division at Intelligent Electronics for a position as Compaq’s vice president of Corporate Materials where he was responsible for both procuring and managing all of the company’s product inventory. Although Cook resigned for Apple six months in, he was described as “not very senior or visible“.

He was the guy who got laptops out of development and successfully into the manufacturing environment.” Bob Stearns, Compaq’s former chief technical and strategy officer explained.

At the time, Cook was considering his choice of Compaq or Apple, originally a difficult decision as Compaq was the number one computer maker. However, within five minutes of his initial meeting with Steve Jobs, Cook says he decided to leave Compaq, although being advised to stay with the computer company.

At his 2010 commencement speech, Cook told the Auburn University graduating class that he had never saw himself at Apple, but explained that it was “without a doubt the best decision” he had ever made.