10 Facts About Marriage You Probably Don’t Know

According to most anthropologists, marriage would be regarded as a cultural universal. It serves the purpose of child bearing rights, procreation right and the responsibility of an individual or group of individuals to raise the kid. Over 90% of people marry by the age 50 in modern western cultures, according to the American Psychological Association. Also, research shows that long-term relationships and marriage are good for a person’s financial, mental and physical health. This list contains 10 facts about marriage you probably don’t know.

Love Making

Only two years post marriage, twenty percent of couples make love less than 10 times per year.


Wedded couples tend to have big waistlines that can lead to a decrease in general health and sexual attraction. In addition, chances of a spouse becoming fat increase by 37% if her or his partner is fat.

Assets And Savings

Compared to single people, married people accumulate 4 times more assets and savings.

Life Satisfaction

Marriage does more to promote life satisfaction than kids, sex or money, according to psychologists.

Las Vegas

Around 300 couples get married in Las Vegas each day.

Not Enough Time Together

Due to family responsibilities, hobbies, the Internet, children, television and jobs, the average married couple spends only 4 minutes per day alone together.


Marrying younger than 25 increases the risk of divorce. The risk of divorce is greater when the female is much older than the male.


More than 75% of individuals who wed partners from an affair ultimately divorce.


While couples with children are less likely to divorce than couples without kids, the arrival of a newborn is more likely to bring more emotional distance and stress than new happiness. About 90% of couples experienced a decline in marital satisfaction after the birth of the first kid.

Dead Person

A person can marry a dead individual in France.