10 Everyday Items Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Toilets have always been thought to be the dirtiest place in our entire homes, but new evidence would suggest that is actually false. Supposedly, there are a lot of items within our homes, offices, and everyday locations that are far worse for catching bacteria and germs. Now, we wouldn’t suggest you eat off the toilet or hang around longer than you truly need to, but you’re probably safe when it comes to catching any form of a sickness. Here are ten things dirtier than your toilet.


Ice is absolutely wonderful on a hot summer day in a cold drink, but when you get it from a fast food restaurant, over 70 percent of the ice served has had bacteria greater than that found in toilet water.

Restroom Floors

All floors are quite dirty, but a public restroom floor has around 2 million bacteria per square inch. The average toilet has no more than 50 per square inch.