10 Endangered Animals That May Soon Be Extinct

There are currently around 30 million different species within the animal kingdom. Scientists estimate that 99.9 percent of the species that once existed on our planet are now completely extinct. That is a massive number when you think about how many are actually left over. There were species 10 million years ago that would have shocked us. Sadly, ruthless human expansion and hunting have culled a lot of the animal population today, and some of the creatures we know of won’t be around when our children are learning about the animal kingdom. Here are ten endangered animals that probably won’t exist for much longer.

Giant Pangasius

Known to some as the Paroon Shark, the Giant Pangasius is a type of freshwater fish found in Chao Praya and Mekong Basins in Indochina. These fish can reach up to 9.8 feet in length, and usually weigh around 660 pounds. There are only several hundred left, though.

Siamese Crocodile

Located within Southeast Asian countries, the Siamese Crocodile is an endangered species that will be wiped out within the next few years. 99 percent of the original number have been eradicated already, and the only ones left are being bred in captivity.