10 Crazy Spa Treatments That You Might Want To Try

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There is nothing like unwinding after a hard day’s work. People have different ways of letting their hair down and having a good time. Some people prefer taking long walks while others like to cuddle up with a nice book. Spa treatments are an extremely popular way of relaxing and refreshing yourself while also taking care of your hygienic needs. There are plenty of options available when you walk into a spa, but this list includes some of the strangest and most bizarre spa treatments that you have probably never heard about.

Fish Pedicure

Did you ever think that letting a 150 fish gnaw at your feet would be considered a way to relax yourself? A spa in London offers exactly that to its customers. They use Garra rufa fish who have suction-shaped mouths, and these are supposed to gently exfoliate your feet.

Butt Facial

Did you think that facial meant treatment only for your face? There are plenty of places that actually offer you butt facials nowadays.

Anti Sauna Snow Cave

Sitting through a sauna can be a great way to relax yourself and exfoliate your skin. Going to a snow cave is the best thing to do apparently, as soon as you are done with your sauna treatment. A shot of extreme cold after spending some time in the sauna is supposed to be a great way of getting rid of hypertension.

Beer Facelift

Beer actually contains yeast that is supposed to be great for your skin. People have been using this in beer hair washes for quite a while now, but using beer to get a facelift is a new trend in fashionable spa’s.

Reiki On Horseback

Reiki is the ancient art of healing people by using energy generated by the healer’s body. Putting yourself through a session of Reiki can be pretty relaxing, but if you want to go to the next level, you can approach one of the many centers that offer Reiki on a horseback.

Snake Massage

A spa in Israel actually uses snakes to help with a really unique form of massage. We have no idea how allowing snakes slither over your body is supposed to be relaxing.

Cactus Massage

Ever thought that a cactus would be relaxing? The Hakali massage offered in many places like the Four Seasons Resort in Mexico uses a blend of Nopal – a type of cactus, mixed with tequila to provide a rare form of body massage.

Golden Facial

Apparently, the secret to Cleopatra’s flawless beauty was using a golden facial every night. Several spa’s replicate this process by using thin squares of 24 Karat gold and applying it as a face pack in order to give you a glowing skin. Needless to say, this spa treatment is quite expensive.

Gondola Massage

Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, offers an extremely unique massage called the Gondola massage. Here people are taken on a private boat to some scenic lagoons and given a massage on the water itself. Floating through the beautiful Venice waters and receiving a professional massage sounds like the most relaxing thing in the world.

Wine Bath

You must have surely heard of bathing in milk, but have you heard of bathing in wine? Kowakien Yunessum, Japan’s biggest spa, offers this extremely unique treatment. It involves a giant pool being filled with wine and anyone can jump in an take a relaxing swim.