10 Crazy Pictures Of The 2016 East Coast Snowstorm

The snow storm “Jonas” that hit the East Coast of the United States in January of 2016 has been so brutal that many people are calling it a “snowpocalypse.” The storm has been the cause of death for at least 19 people, as it blankets many areas with record-breaking levels of snow. Airlines have been forced to cancel flights, traffic is non-existent in some places due to the snow, and many businesses and schools are shut down across about a dozen U.S. states. The consequences of this terrible winter storm seem to be endless, and these pictures display what many people are going through right now – the good and the bad.

Washington, D.C.

This is a picture of a bulldozer clearing the immense amount of snow away from the front of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington.

Cape May, New Jersey

While the storm is mainly considered a snow storm, it has also caused many destructive floods. This picture was taken at a beach in Cape May.