10 Hilarious Job Fails You Won’t Believe

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Failure is definitely an option for most people. However, there is one field where people tend to fail in the most ridiculous, memorable ways – their professions. It is a given that you should be good at your job, or at least try to be. But it seems that there’s an incredible amount of people who just… aren’t. Whether it’s because they are lazy, not qualified enough or just don’t care, their fails are so ridiculous they made us laugh so hard there were tears in our eyes. Here’s the ten craziest job fails you won’t believe are actually real.


Asia, Africa, Europe, America… it’s all the same anyway, right?

Do Not Enter

So… should we enter?


They are all superheroes after all.

Sweet Relish

It doesn’t really matter if you stick the sticker the right way, Heinz is already famous enough for everyone to know their flavors. We suppose that’s the reasoning the employee went with?

Floats On Water

That’s just bad marketing right there.


Well, this works as a meme quite well.

Cement Your Car

Maybe the worker thought it was a 1+1 kind of a deal. First cement the street, then dump a bit on the car.

Back To School Knives

This one could end up a bit problematic.

Highly Effective

Whoever built this must have had so much fun with it. Highly effective as well as pretty nice to look at.

Double Brand Sneakers

They charge extra for these, believe it or not.