10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Tigers

Tigers may be looked at as just another class in the cat family, but there’s a lot of things that separate them from their other feline companions. Despite commonly being mistaken as a lion, tigers can live for a very long time and have unique abilities. While their stripes in general are all different, every tiger has similar markings on their forehead that resemble the Chinese word for “king.” Here are some other facts that you probably didn’t know about tigers, which are getting closer to the endangered species list with more of their kind in captivity than the roughly 3,500 that are left in the wild.

Only Half Of Cubs Survive

Little cubs generally can’t see anything for over a week after they’re born, and that’s only part of their problem. Chances are only half of a litter of tigers will make it to adulthood, which starts when tigers reach 18-24 months of age.

Average Life Expectancy Is 25 Years

Indoor house cats typically live until around 15 years of age, with the rare exceptions living until 25 years old. That’s the average expectancy of tigers, but they don’t have the wide range of domestic cats.