10 Countries Who Seemingly Do Not Care For The Environment

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Sadly, the majority of the world currently cares very little for the overall state of the environment. Recently, thankfully, a council convened and voted on some very interesting and potentially life-altering changes to the way countries produce, consume, and destroy the environment. With this new act passed, we should see a lot better changes. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of countries out there with little to no regard for the safety and continuity of the environment. Here are ten countries who are currently guilty of that.


Brazil is currently guilty of some of the most heinous crimes against nature, including illegal wild life trading, immense deforestation operations, and outstanding environmental pollution. They have become known for poaching away numerous species.


The USA is, obviously, one of the contenders for the top spot when it comes to the destruction of nature. When it comes to air pollution, only a handful of other countries can even contend. Pollution is steadily increasing throughout the nation, too.


China has recently been in the headlines for having the type of intense air pollution that could harm, or even kill, a grown human being. Living conditions are worsened by the water pollution currently spreading through the land.


Indonesia is currently the home of massive scale deforestation, which has severely damaged the ecosystem in the country. Industrialization, garbage disposal, and scarce resources are all affecting the nature and the lifestyle of everyone around.


Japan is known for their vicious and uncontrollable whaling industry. The country has vowed not to stop poaching and cutting up whales, despite numerous countries protesting against it. They also dump toxic chemicals into their rivers and waterways.


Mexico, since 1999, has had over one million people admitted to the local hospitals due to some form of health problems caused by the mass-scale pollution occurring on a regular basis. Automobiles, factories, and various industries are all lending their hand towards the pollution problem.


India has become quite known for their garbage disposal problems and air pollution, which has caused more than a few species to go extinct. Deforestation is also a leading cause of animals dying out throughout the country.


Russia has numerous operations that all lend their hand towards environmental pollution. Most notably is the extinction of the polar bear, Caucasian leopard, and Siberian tigers, all of which are perishing due to water pollution.


The people in Australia have a bad habit of overexploiting the natural resources of their country, meaning the entire land is beginning to deteriorate. This is leading to water shortage problems, waste dumpings, and animal extinctions.


Peru is currently one of the worst countries when it comes to pollution. Soil erosion, water pollution, deforestation, hunting, over-fishing, and other forms of environmental destruction all take place on a daily basis.