10 Completely Shocking And Bizarre Animal Adaptations

Everyone on this planet is familiar with different types of creatures that have scales and claws, which are all from adaptations passed down through generations upon generations of evolution. These items ensure animals can defend themselves effectively from predators. However, some creatures have adapted in entirely different ways. Some cry blood, some worms can melt pure bone with their bodily fluids, and there are even fish capable of shooting razor blades out of their eyes, shockingly enough. Here are ten completely shocking and bizarre animal adaptations.

The Okapi

The Okapi is already a pretty bizarre animal, but thanks to evolution, they have a tongue that is strong and shaped like a tube. It is an impressive 12 to 14 inches in length, and is capable of removing leaves from plants. They can even lick their own eyeballs to clean them.

Mouthless Bone-Melting Worm

Human beings cannot simply toss themselves onto a big pile of food in order to feast. This worm, however, can do just that. The zombie worm uses acid to dissolve meat and bone, then absorbs the nutrients.