10 Completely Legal Highs That Will Shock You

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Did you know there are actually quite a few legal ways to get high apart from sneaking some marijuana in the basement, which is not completely legal yet. Of course, dental surgery and tear gas can get you pretty messed up, but those aren’t as fun or interesting. Believe it or not, there are more pleasurable, enticing ways to get your spirits lifted when you need a little bump of something interesting. There are some herbal smokes that should do the trick. Here are ten completely legal highs that may just shock you.

Orange Krush Bud

Orange Krush Bud is a new strain of legal bud. It is quite potent, but also super smooth and features small red hairs within.

Dutch Haze Legal Bud looks exactly like the real thing, complete with sticky green buds, a great smell, and a taste that is even better. It is hydroponically grown for the best taste and satisfaction.

Blueberry Herbal Hybrid

Blueberry Herbal Hybrid derives its name from the slight blueberry scent that stems from its buds. It is potent, sweet smelling, and quite relaxing.

Jamaican Gold Bud™

Jamaican Gold Bud™ features bright green buds with fresh, potent tastes. It smokes great inside of any device or rolled in papers.

Maui Hybrid

Maui Hybrid is a tropical legal bud with a natural high. It is imported directly from Maui, where it is grown with optimal potency in mind.

Hawaiian Haze Bud

Hawaiian Haze Bud is another ultra-potent legal bud strain. It features an uncanny smell and appearance, and has fresh smoke for a good high.

Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate

Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate blends high-grade oils and resin extracts from India. It is a solid herbal smoke with a lot of flavor and exotic herbs.

Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate

Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate is pure concentrated, thick resin that sells incredibly well and offers a satisfying smoking experience of the highest quality possible.

Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate

Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate is composed of the resin from every high quality legal herb in the known world. It is dark in color with a few shiny parts where the resin dried from a pure liquid state. The smoke is sweet, and not too strong.

Dreamsmoke Legal Smoking Blend features 25 percent crushed oaxacon dried wild dagga, which is a legal herb discovered a few thousand years ago for intense highs by Native Americans.