15 Parents Who Have An Awesome Sense Of Humor

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Parenting is hard work. Parents dedicate all their time and money to make their children’s lives better without expecting gratitude in return. Parenting is a hard sacrifice, so how do you get through parenting unscathed? The best way to get through parenting life is to have a good sense of humor — it’s the only thing that will keep you sane. Humor will make matters easier when you get old and have kids. Here are 15 hilarious parents who nailed it.

Dog Replacement

The parents’ son moved out of the house last year, and it looks like they have a canine replacement already. He even has a picture frame.


Mommy isn’t the only one who wants eyebrows.

Beets by Dre

When your brother got a completely different Christmas present than he expected…

Dad’s First iPad

This dad knew exactly what the iPad is for — selfie time!


Oops, they should’ve read it before buying it. They probably were in a rush…

Ultimate Prank

When your dad pranks you and you almost have a heart attack…

Museum Of What?

Some kids have all the fun and get awesome parents like these two.

They Can’t Be Anymore Obvious

These parents can’t be anymore obvious who they’re supporting for the World Cup.

Talk About Priorities

Don’t worry, we’re sure Matthew won’t mind…

Terrible Parent

Now I question his parenting skills…

Repainting Job

Their son was away for the weekend and the parents did a repainting job of the house.

But We Printed the Cards Already!

At least they didn’t make it awkward and leave her face on there.

Insert Here

That’s what mom and dad said…

Talk About Subtle

So, their parents were not very subtle when their son brought over a girl for the first time on a family event.

Ha, Ha…

This dad shows everyone the dangers of deer drunk driving.