10 Catastrophic Consequences Of Gravity Stopping On Earth

We all learn at some point in our lives that the Earth is spinning on its axis. This rotation is what gives us a day and night cycle. Should gravity and Earth’s rotation ever stop completely, however, there would be some seriously drastic consequences for the planet and everyone on the planet. Thankfully, nothing like this can ever happen – at least not for a billion years or more. Should it happen, though, we would experience utter chaos, including most organic life being wiped out completely. The sun would also die out, too, though, so there is that. Here are ten catastrophic consequences of gravity ceasing on planet Earth.

Rollercoaster Ride

Should the gravity on the planet cease, everyone would simply go for one heck of a rollercoaster ride. The Earth would simply cease to spin, which means that 1,040 miles per hour we’re currently experiencing would stop, sending us all hurtling into the unknown of space.

Global Hurricane

The atmosphere currently spins at the same speed as the planet, so if it stops abruptly, we would all experience the most destructive hurricanes over the entire planet.