10 Bizarre Ways Human Hair Has Been Used

Our species has managed to accomplish great things despite our relatively short time on this planet, simply because we are all gifted with a unique brain that allows us to think differently. This is why our food, culture, religion, clothes and nearly everything else is so diverse when you look at different parts of the world. This unique persona of ours allows us to experiment and create unimaginable things. Take the human hair for example. It is a part of our body and we could have simply left it there, but instead we decided to make the 10 things featured on this list.

Making Tributes

One way to immortalize a person is by holding onto a sample of their hair. We realize that this seemingly insignificant detail still has a strong connection with the original person, which is why we sell relics and tributes of hair from famous personalities online.

Creating Heirlooms

One particular tribe in China followed an extremely strange custom that involved grandparents leaving behind lengthy locks of their hair to their children and grandchildren. This would be added onto the hair from previous ancestors and a massive headgear would be prepared out of this.