10 Bizarre Vintage Products That You Would Never Buy Now

It is hard to believe the amount of progress we have made over the last two decades, especially in terms of technology. Most people in their 30’s must have definitely used a floppy disk at some point, but it feels like a product from the distant past. There are many products that have become outdated and nearly obsolete thanks to the rapid transformation the world is experiencing in the technological era. This list contains 10 vintage products that seem absolutely bizarre now, and no one would even think of buying them except for the reason that they are vintage products.

Horse Exercise

Women didn’t really get enough exercise back then because they barely left their homes thanks to all the mindless oppression. They had to settle for products such as the Vigor’s ‘Horse Action Saddle’ that promised them the experience and exercise of riding a horse without actually leaving their home.

Interchangable Handles

We came from a point in time where changing the handles on electrical appliances actually seemed like an exciting thing to do!