10 Bizarre Marriage Traditions From Around The World

Marriage traditions differ greatly between countries, religions and cultures. When we think of a marriage ceremony, we have a particular image in our mind: the groom in a tuxedo, bride in a beautiful white dress, surrounded by friends, family and relatives and maybe they are in a church. However, this does not stay true for several cultures throughout the world, and you will be surprised at some of their marriage traditions. Here are some of the bizarre marriage traditions from around the world.

Playing Cupid

In China’s Yugur culture, the groom really shoots his bride with arrows. The arrows do not have arrowheads, so they are not harmful. After shooting the bride, the groom will break every arrow to make sure they will love each other always.

Fat Farms

In Mauritania, girls aged five and 15 years are sent to fat farms before their marriage to gain weight. If a bride had overlapping thighs, stretch marks and stomach rolls, it signaled her husband was rich enough to keep her happy.