10 Awesome Things For Book Lovers

The world of literature is the densest and richest medium available to us. Getting lost in a book is a lot like getting lost in another world, as our imaginations are the only thing bringing these pages to life. Although the number of books being read on a yearly basis has dropped substantially over the past two decades, reading is still alive and well, with more books being produced each year than ever before. There are also a lot of more hardcore readers around, people who like to call themselves bibliophiles. Here is a list of 10 awesome things that have been made specially for bibliophiles.

Read, Please

It is very important to promote the culture of reading and the Target corporation has been trying to actively do that for sometime now. They collaborated with the New York public library to create this unique art instillation that spells the word ‘Read’ using nothing but Dr. Seuss books.

Library-Themed Hostel

This hostel in Tokyo has been created to look like it was a library, just to put the students in more of a thinking mood. The bunks are divided into bookshelves and there are plenty of book available all around the students for them to read before dozing off.