10 Awesome And Quirky Bowl Designs

When we think about creative and awesome designs we often overlook cutlery. Although we use it everyday to eat our food, cutlery is usually quite standard and dull. However, if you feel truly inspired you can turn your usual everyday meals into something outstanding and cool with the help of just a few items. And what’s the first item you should change in your kitchen? That’s right, the bowl! Perfect for a breakfast, a meal or for some chips while watching a movie, bowls are an essential part of the lifestyle for almost everyone. Having that in mind, whether you’d consider these as a perfect gift for someone or for yourself, here are 10 of the most awesome bowl designs in the world!

The Ramen Bowl

If you are a true Ramen lover and you eat Ramen all the time, you might as well buy this amazing ramen bowl that lets you keep your chopsticks right where you need them!

The Squishy Design Bowl

Low on space? Check out this amazing bowl that is made of specialized rubber that stays solid under head and pressure, but can be easily squished and put away in order to use it later.

Creative Splash Fruit Bowl

If you need something creative in your house that will stand out, consider this amazing fruit bowl. Creating the illusion of a liquid splash it is simply extraordinary and awesome!

The Two into One Bowl

This amazing bowl design lets you turn your ordinary bowl into one. If you want to eat a soup, you’ll have a bowl. Need two bowls for chips? This cup is two into one!

The Cereal Killer Bowl

We can’t have a list about awesome bowls without including at least one cereal killer punny bowl design. While there are many on the market all in different variety, this one is pretty cool with all the bloody puns it has!

The Useful Kitchen Bowl

Are you a cooking enthusiast? This creative bowl design lets you keep things at bay and rearrange your kitchen, while you are cooking!

The Relaxing Panda Bowl

What’s better than this cute little panda taking a dip into your cereal or soup? Simply an extraordinary bowl design right there!

The Perfect Cereal Bowl

If you usually use your bowls only for eating cereal and you don’t particularly like mixing your milk with the cereal right away, this bowl is the best and most right answer for you!

The Gamer Handles Bowl

What’s better than a bowl? A bowl with handles that is! What makes this bowl design even cooler is that they’ve certainly managed to make it gamer friendly!

Bowl and Mixing Forks Bowl

Have a taste for salads? Then we have the perfect bowl design for you! Having mixing forks right into the bowl itself, this bowl is definitely awesome and perfect for you!