10 Animals That Are Unique But Extremely Deadly

Hooded Pitohui

You wouldn’t even think that there are poisonous birds in the world, but that means you haven’t been introduced to the Hooded Pitohui. It is called ‘The Flying Venom’ in some circles and it is responsible for more attacks than any other type of bird in the world. It has the same type of toxins you would find in the poison dart frog, but it is more concentrated, which means you will definitely be killed in much lesser time.

Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frogs can be found in all sorts of colors, and most of them look extremely bright and attractive. This is why they can be dangerous. The skin of these amphibians are extremely poisonous and have been used to make poison darts and arrows for hundreds of years now. Of all the types of poison dart frogs in the world, only three possess enough poison in their skin to kill you instantly upon contact.