10 Amazing Rainbow Inspired Items You Can Find Online

Who doesn’t become happier at the sight of rainbows? As a child, rainbows were an epitome of joy and youthful happiness — it was particularly uncommon to see one, it required the right elements of sun and rain in weather. To be able to see one was the stuff of fairy tales, we were always promised a pot of gold at the end of it. Rainbow flags now signify the LGBT community, but just because you’re not LGBT doesn’t mean you can’t like rainbows too. What’s not to like — splashes of colors always make things more inspiring and mesmerizing. From rainbow pizzas to rainbow makeup, here are 10 amazing rainbow things we found on the internet.

Rainbow Bagel

The Rainbow Bagel from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York looks more like Play-Doh than actual food–but it tastes really good, too!

Scott Rosillo, owner of The Bagel Store, shares that he wanted to create the world’s most beautiful bagel — it requires extensive time and labor to create one. Particularly, the store can only create 100 of them in 5 hours.

These multi-colored bagels can be ordered and shipped nationwide for $3.95, but there’s a huge waiting list due to public demand.

Rainbow Pizza

Rainbow Pizza is created specially by a food blogger named Ami of Oh, Bite It. It’s a pepperoni pizza with extra mozzarella on top, colored with various rainbow dyes. Looks too good to eat!