10 Amazing Pieces Of Camouflage Art

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The world around us offers artists plenty of inspiration to create unique works. The world on its own is full of colors and textures, and some artists prefer using their natural surroundings to create their own brand of art. Liu Bolin is a famous Chinese artist who has created a special series that uses optical illusions and camouflage. He attempts to hide his subject among various places in public. Let’s see if you can spot the subject in each of these 10 amazing works.


The colorful products displayed at a supermarket make it hard for Bolin to hide his subject but he does a great job of it.

Magazing Rack

A famous New York Piece, this one hides the subject while using an ordinary magazine rack seen commonly in the city.

Ponte Di Rialto

The Rialto bridge is one of the four best bridges in Italy, a fine location for Bolin to hide his subject.

In The Woods

We are a part of nature, no matter how hard we try to create our own identity. This piece places man among his own humble beginnings.

Chinese Courtyard

This camouflage is done so perfectly that it is extremely hard to spot the subject in this one.

Lagoon City Of Venice

The canals of Venice and the gorgeous buildings built across it ensure that you don’t focus on the hidden subject in this piece.

Hiding In New York No. 5

This is one of Bolin’s pieces set in New York. The city is filled with interesting and unique spots and Bolin takes full advantage of it.

Decorated With The Locomotive

The world seems like a blur when you travel in a train. A train passing by this one would have a tough time spotting the subject here.

Duomo Di Milano

The subject is hidden within a beautiful view and some interesting architecture inside the famous cathedral in Milan.

Mobile Phones

Technology rules our lives now, and it is quickly becoming a part of who were are as people.