10 Amazing Newborn Welcoming Traditions

The world is filled with dozens upon dozens of wonderful traditions from all around the world, all of them soaked with cultural history and all of them hardening the memories of time once lost. From weddings, through funerals and for different celebrations, each cultural society has its own way of honoring love, a person, the past or something special. However, this also holds true for the welcoming a newborn child into the world. From giving the child money, planting trees, and considering the newborns as divinities from heaven, here are 10 adorable, somewhat strange, but extremely awesome and fascinating newborn welcoming traditions from around the world.

Burying The Cord And Afterbirth And Planting A Tree In Jamaica

In Jamaica people have a very adorable tradition for the newborns. Once a baby is born, the parents bury the afterbirth and cord to a special location and they plant a tree on that spot, symbolizing the spiritual attachment to the home.

Hot Stone Massages And Full-Body Treatment For The Mothers In Malaysia

The newborns in Malaysia are given a treatment anyone would be envious of. In order to lighten and soften the skin, as well as to chase away any postpartum body changes, the people of Malaysia give the newborns a special hot stone massage and a fully-body exfoliation treatment.