10 Amazing Firefighters That Saved Precious Pets

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Everyone knows that police, ambulance officers and fire fighters are the people to call in almost any kind of emergency. When a situation spirals out of control, these heroes are the only people trained well enough and tough enough to cope with anything that gets thrown their way, but what happens when our lovable pets are also distressed and in danger? These ten amazing firefighters from this list also love and care for the animals that love and care for us.

Car Crash

When this poor pooch’s world was – literally – turned upside down, this firefighter came along and calmed him down and reassured him.


Although the cat doesn’t seem too worried, this lady is incredibly grateful for the gift this hero presents her with.

Only In Russia

Only in Russia will a firefighter charge into a burning building without a gas mask only to pull out a cat the size of a medium dog.


This poodle with his indoor diaper must not be very used to the dangers of the outside world, fortunately he has someone looking out for him.

Baby Owl

They don’t just save the regular pets from dangerous situations. This cute baby owl look completely happy and comfortable in the arms of his savior.


When the baby hamster has passed out from smoke inhalation, only the tiniest gas mask will do.

Despair To Hope

A very photogenic cat looking utterly thankful for the heroes that came to save him.

Puppy Kisses

The first opportunity this puppy could get to breathe, he looked to thank this firefighter with some kisses.


When bush fires occur in rural Australia, sometimes even the native animals don’t know where to turn to or who they can trust. That is why these brave firefighters help the animals after subduing the fire.

Never Let Go

This lady has a friend for life in the eyes of the cat that she saved.