10 Amazing Facts About Newborn Babies You May Not Have Known

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Babies are the cutest and most amazing creations in the world. Most people think they know everything about them because really, they’re just smaller versions of ourselves that can’t talk, but cry whenever they need something. But the people that think they know everything always tend to be wrong, and we bet there are some things you didn’t even know about babies. Check out this list of 10 amazing facts about newborn babies you may not have known to find out more about your child that you didn’t even know.

Black And White

Do you remember how you saw things when you were younger? Was it in color or black and white? Well apparently a newborn baby sees in black and white.


We may cry salt water, but newborns can’t cry tears at all until they’re at least 2 weeks old.


Adults have 206 bones, but babies have 64 more bones — 270 in total!


Babies grow quite a lot and very fast, but did you know that if a baby continued to grow at the same rate as in his or her first year, at 20 years of age he/she would be about 30 feet tall.


Our eyes don’t grow much as we get older, they’re already 75% their adult size when we’re born.


Did you know that a baby’s brain uses 50% of glucose for his or her brain.


The average adult has around 10,000 taste buds but babies have about three times more than adults do.

In The Womb

When someone is pregnant and the mother is sick, the baby will send stem cells to help repair the damaged organs of the mother.


Did you know that because of all the time spent in the amniotic fluid, babies are born with the ability to swim.


Even though babies have three times more tastebuds than adults do, they can’t taste salt until they’re 4 years old.