10 Absurdly Long Sentences Given To Prisoners

The vast majority of people would not want to go to prison for any length of time, in fact the very idea of spending a night in a jail cell is absolutely daunting. However, there are plenty of prisoners who have had to spend decades in a correctional facility throughout their lives. Often this will be because they have committed a heinous crime such as murder or rape. In some cases, though, judges have handed down incredibly large prison sentences that can seem completely absurd, and sometimes for crimes that don’t even seem that bad when compared to what you might expect.

Bobbie Joe Long

Serial killer Bobbie Joe Long received a variety of sentences for crimes that included sexual assault, rape, murder and kidnapping. He was found guilty of killing more than 10 women in Florida during the 1980’s and was sentenced to death. As well as spending time in death row though, he also has to serve 28 life sentences, one 5 year sentence and four 99 year sentences

Martin Bryant

Martin Bryant is arguably the most notorious and deadliest killer there has ever been in Australia. Doctors believe that his learning disabilities played a large role in the massacre that he carried out at Port Arthur, where he killed 35 people and injured another 23 using automatic weapons. Despite his obvious learning problems, the judge handed down a sentence that included 35 life sentences and a total of 1,035 years.