Top 10 Unsolved Bizarre World Mysteries

The history of the world has been full of unsolved mysteries. Even to this day there is a vast amount of questions that have not yet been answered. The more obscure questions make for great conversation, due to the absurdity of their being. Some of these questions may never receive an answer, but maybe the mystery is greater than the truth? This list takes a look at 10 bizarre mysteries that have continued to intrigue us over the years.

Bukit Timah Monkey Man

The legend of Bigfoot has been around for many years now. Many different accounts of sightings have occurred, but no definite proof has been found. Back in World War II, a creature was spotted in Singapore that resembled a giant monkey. This Monkey Man was said to by almost 7 feet tall and covered with gray hair. Several sightings have occurred in present-day, but still no evidence points to such a creature existing. It’s believed that what people are seeing might actually a macaque, a species that is known to be in the area. The last sighting was back in 2007, so maybe the legend has dwindled away.

Cosmic Radio Bursts

Cosmic Radio Bursts were first discovered in 2007 and have been puzzling scientists since. Also called “Blitzars”, these cosmic events are believed to occur when neutron stars collapse. The event lasts for less than a millisecond, but scientists have determined that the amount of energy given off is equal to one million years of the sun’s energy. Researchers are still hard at work trying to understand the mystery behind these marvelous events.