These Images Will Make You Question The Laws Of Physics

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We live by a very simple set of rules in our universe. Well maybe they’re not simple, but we’ve grown accustomed to them over time: when objects are thrown up, they come back down; nothing can travel faster than the speed of light etc. You’re familiar with all the major ones.

But occasionally we’ll see something that seems to break those rules and suddenly all those formulas and theories go out the window and our mammal brains struggle to comprehend what’s going on. So we present to you – for mind-blowing purposes – a series of images that will make you question the very fabric of reality.

Michael Grab’s Balancing Rocks

Recently, Michael has been making a name for himself with stunning images of natural rocks and pebbles balanced in gravity-defying structures.

The Floating Farmhouse

While it looks as though this floating barn has been stood for quite some time, chances are you’d feel a little queasy if you were stood at the unsupported end. Or underneath it.

Basket Stacking

This is not your typical day at your local supermarket. This is the day you convince yourself there’s a physics bug in the universe.

Balancing Barn

You can almost hear the creaking sound as you imagine this building balanced over the edge of that hill. We imagine every designer and builder looking at this image is fighting the urge to stick some supports underneath it.

Balanced Forks

You’ve probably seen enough of these images floating around the internet to know it’s genuine. It doesn’t stop it from melting our brains though.

Better Than Beer Pong

Here’s another similar image, but with added beer and glasses.

Giant Cardboard Boxes?

From Montreal’s Habitat 67 comes their specialist accommodation: “Apartments that look like stacked boxes.” This is what a god’s place would look like if they were getting ready to move out.

Upside Down House

It might not break the laws of physics as such, but it will sure as hell give you a headache looking at it. This is the kind of image that begs the question, “it is also upside down on the inside, even the light fittings?”

Balanced Tumblers

There is no way these tumblers can be parted without it getting messy in that kitchen.

A Real Magic Trick

“Nobody breathe! No. Body. Breathe!”