These 17 Bald Animals Will Blow Your Mind

Fluffy animals seem to get all the love. When it comes to our furry friends, it seems the furrier and the fluffier, the better. But some animals break the mold and live a care-free, hair-free life. It’s a little bit startling to see an animal normally covered in thick, black fur, or a bird who usually dons a feathery coat reduced to just their bare skin. However, bald creatures offer an interesting perspective into the animal world, as these 17 animals look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Luckily, this chicken’s lack of feathers doesn’t seem to affect its self confidence and it still struts proudly.


This sweet little guy was born in 2009 and was totally bald. You’ll be pleased to know he ended up growing a normal coat of fur as he aged.


This penguin was born bald and its mother rejected him. Thankfully, zookeepers took special care of him so he could grow up strong and healthy.


Ferrets tend to be kept indoors as pets, so this bald ferret should still be plenty warm without its fur.