‘The Jungle Book’ Trailer Has Been Released And It’s Both Magical And Captivating


We live in a world of adaptations now, and seeing the same version of a familiar story has now become a common facet of modern entertainment. Seeing a beloved tale being hacked to death by money-hungry producers is a side-effect of this phenomenon. The upcoming live-action take of the classic children’s cartoon series ‘The Jungle Book’ however, does not look disappointing, and it appears that Disney has found a fresh and intriguing angle to re-tell the story of one lost boy in a vast jungle – Mowgli.

The tone and direction of the movie looks extremely promising from the looks of this trailer. It features a strong cast of voice-over actors taking up the roles of live-action animals and this definitely bodes well for the film. Scarlett Johansson provides the narrative in the trailer as Kaa, as we see familiar foes Bagheera and Shere Khan face off in the foreground. The movie is due to release next year and we anticipate more interesting glimpses into the story in the coming months.