The 10 Most Powerful Supercomputers In The World

Computers now dominate much of our everyday lives. Workplaces are full of desktop devices, homes are filled with tablets, netbooks, and laptops, while people essentially carry round tiny computers in their pockets in the form of smartphones. Everyone knows that different types are more powerful than others and are able to carry out more complex or high performance tasks, though there is a type of computer that most will never get to see. They are supercomputers, hugely powerful machines that can perform trillions of calculations. They are used for all sorts of things, from simulating weather to researching diseases, and these are the most expensive and advanced in the world.


Exact details on how much money was spent to create the Vulcan supercomputer has never been released yet it one of the most powerful that has ever been built. Currently housed in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, it has a processing speed of 5 petaflops. What makes the Vulcan unique is that it can be rented out by businesses and organizations to carry out certain tasks.


Created by IBM, the Juqueen computer system has 457,752 GB of RAM, consumes 2,301 kW of power and has a processing speed of 5.008 petaflops. It is used by the Julich Research Center to carry out research on the climate, biology and simulate various events.