Ten University Degrees You Will Never Believe Are Real

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Higher education is a noble pursuit. You know, if you ignore the amount of drinking, crying, and last minute studying, not to mention the high number of noodles you will consume before your degree is in hand. But these days, more and more people than ever before have themselves a uni degree. So, if you want to stand out in the job market, we recommend taking a look at these ten degrees, and seeing if any take your fancy. Yes, they are all real.

10. Parapsychology

Ouija board

The University of Edinburgh offers a 3-year doctorate in the psychology of the paranormal. You can also perform intensive research into people’s claims of paranormal abilities.

9. Cannabis Cultivation

This is actually an entire college operating out of Oakland, California. We suspect this school’s orders of marijuana are through the roof.

8. Comedy

Apparently these days Comedy is a quantifiable substance that can be graded. How depressing. Toronto’s Humber College gives aspiring humor scientists a chance to hone their stand-up, improve skills, scriptwriting and sketch comedy.

7. Adventure

If you feel you’ve got the urge to adventure in you, why not head to Ontario to enrol in Fleming College’s two-year program in Outdoor and Adventure Education?

6. Bowling Management

If Wii Bowling just isn’t enough for you, you can head to Indiana’s Vincennes University and join its Bowling Management program. Learn to manage those lanes, yo.

5. Beer

The enrollees of Heriot-Watt University’s Brewing and Distilling Masters in Edinburgh actually only accepts honour students from science or engineering. Presumably this is to stop jocks from tapping all the kegs.

4. Packaging

From understanding the causes and prevention of physical damage, to maximizing “storage stability” of packaged products. Hence Michigan State University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Packaging ensures you’ll never look at boxes the same way again.

3. Chicken Science

“Chicken” has been a popular field for a long time in North America. From Saskatchewan to Texas, graduate poultry science programs actually require a rigorous background to pursue research in nutrition, physiology, genetics, and farm management.

2. Bassoon

Basically, a course in Arizona that teaches folk all about that 19th century woodwind instrument no one really cares about. Not much to say here…

1. The Beatles

At Liverpool University, this course allows you to study the 60’s music industry, and the fab four’s sound production.

Academics have been studying The Beatles for nearly 30 years, and MAs and PhDs in the topic have gained enough interest to constitute full programs at prestigious schools like London University. It just goes to show, any degree can become a serious academic topic someday. Just you wait, bassoon. Your time will come.