Ten Hilarious Homework Answers From Kids

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They say the children are the future. This makes sense, since they grow up into adults. These pictures of school-kids’ homework might make you think that they’re misunderstood and actually genius, or just really dumb. We’ll leave you to decide.

10. Fat Shaming

Well, while this kid might know enough to not swim in dirty water, he needs to learn to overcome his prejudice regarding fat people.

9. The Miracle of Life

Wow. This kid paints quite a succinct picture of the beautiful nature of life. It’s a shame mum can’t bring herself to look at the child.

8. Unicorns

Wow. We wish the unicorns were around when we were struggling with fractions and long division.

7. Thanks Mom

Well, it might not be as fantastical unicorns but at least this kid is being honest.

6. Haiku

They were probably just being lazy, but this is genuinely the best haiku we’ve ever seen. Very subversive.

5. America… F***k Yeah!

We obviously have a true little patriot in our midst. She even used the right colours, bless her.

4. Dear Dad

Wow… this one got real fast. Still a better love story than Twilight.

3. That’s Numberwang

To be perfectly fair… they did answer the question given in a correct way. We blame the teacher for leaving it so open to interpretation.

2. I do not Care

This kid has simply ran out of craps to give. He does not care for your multiplication tables.

1. S H I T

We’re willing to bet this was made by a disgruntled employee on the day they got fired. Nice work.