Soldier Bravely Rescues Woman Hostage From A Gunman, But Doesn’t Realize It’s Just A Film Shoot


A Russian soldier saw a woman being held roughly as a human shield during a standoff with police. He assessed the situation and then burst out from behind the sentry box, and tackled the gunman to the ground. What’s wrong with this picture? The “hostage situation” was just a group of actors shooting a film.

The actor who played the gunman got up and walked away in disgust. The other actors quickly explained what they were doing to the soldier. There were lots of cameras and workers present, so it’s something of a mystery why the soldier didn’t pick up on the fact that a movie was being filmed.

The video has gone viral in Russia. Some viewers think he acted stupidly and are questioning why the soldier appears to give his pistol to one of the actors. Others are willing to cut him some slack, and say that he acted bravely, thinking that a woman’s life was in danger.