Emergency Services Called After Woman Falls Headfirst Into Toilet

Emergency Services Called After Woman Falls Headfirst Into Toilet

When is the last time you thought about the genuine, very frightening reality that, hey, you could fall into your toilet and become stuck?

No one?

Unfortunately, in Washington State, high atop Mount Walker, a young woman fumbled with her smartphone, and the worst occurred: She dropped her phone directly into a recently-used public toilet. And so, doing what any self-respecting individual with a $1,000 smartphone would, she dove headfirst into the toilet to retrieve her missing device.

How? You may ask yourself. Well, Mount Walker utilizes what is known as a vault toilet. It’s a non-flush toilet built with a “vault” or sealed container buried within the ground, like ancient plumbing technology, to store and break down waste.

Now you can see for yourself how someone may become, unfortunately, trapped within the vault of human waste.

According to Brinnon Fire Department Chief Tim Manly, the woman in her 40s shockingly removed the toilet seat and utilized a dog lead to scoop at her phone. However, her makeshift rope failed to work, and she fell headfirst into the pit.

For the next 15 minutes, the woman tried to climb out of the vault without success. But with her phone now in hand, she called the local fire department, who pulled her from the depths using a pair of blocks and a harness.

She was, for the most part, uninjured. That being said, the fire department did recommend immediate medical attention, saying she was “strongly encouraged to seek medical attention after being exposed to human waste, but she only wanted to leave.”

Closing out the case, Chief Manly said, “I’ve been doing this for 40 years, and that was a first.”

We bet! It’s not every day you hear about someone falling into a toilet, vault or otherwise, and becoming trapped. That’s one Mount Walker and the Brinnon Fire Department will likely cherish at the bar for quite some time!