20 Ways To Boost Your Happiness Levels

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We all get just one shot at this crazy ride called life and it is utterly pointless if we don’t make the most of it. The many establishments around us play a major part in unnecessarily stressing out most people in the world. Sometimes it feels like we are moving from one obstacle to another with no time to breathe in between jumps. The number of people fighting depression and the number of people reliant on anti-depressants is truly depressing. We do not need chemicals to balance our psychology, this can be done by participating in a few simple but useful exercises on a regular basis. Here is a list of 20 activities that are sure to boost your happiness levels:

Get Creative

Contrary to popular belief, we are all creative people with something to contribute in one area or another. It only comes down to understanding our niche and focusing in on activities we truly enjoy. Creating a work of art in any field is an accomplishment one can take plenty of joy out of.

Make Unique Plans

There are plenty of things to do all around us and this involves activities that most people have never attempted before. Making unique plans and following through is one of the easiest ways to boost your happiness levels.

Organize Your Work Space

Your work space tends to reflect the inner space in your mind. Keeping a clean and organized work space is very important in increasing productivity and thereby eventually helping you relax better.

Try Something Different

There are more interesting activities in the world today than ever before. We even have greater access to these activities. Trying something that is outside your comfort zone can be an effective way to raise your confidence and help you enjoy the moment.

Understand Yourself

All happiness and turmoil comes from within. The greater your understanding of yourself, the easier everything else gets around you. It is fairly simple, no one knows what makes you happy better than yourself.

Engage In Charity

Giving back to the community and thinking beyond yourself is not just a great way to increase your own happiness levels, but it is just something the world needs more of at this point in time.

Play Some Great Tunes

Everyone gravitates to music and there are enough genres in the world to appease even the least enthusiastic people. Listening to music is an amazing way of clearing your mind and focusing on something positive and uplifting.

Spend Time With Children

Children tend to bring the best out of everyone around them. Their infectious smiles and innocent attitudes inevitably end up brightening your day. I dare you to spend five minutes tickling a baby and not bursting out in laughter yourself.

Hit The Road

Taking a long walk, ride or drive is an excellent way of clearing your mind and resetting your mood entirely. There is just something about the open road that brings out the best in all of us.

Watch Something Stimulating

There are more entertaining shows and films playing on television than ever before. Just sit back and enjoy the golden age of television.

Count Your Blessings

If you are making more than 20,000 dollars a year, you are already a part of the famous ‘One percent’ that rules the world. Most people reading this fall under this category, so it is great to sometimes take a moment and count your blessings.

Push Your Limits

Testing yourself and pushing the boundaries of your own capabilities is a great way of raising your overall self-worth. Run a marathon, climb a mountain, do anything that you never thought was possible. Once you do, you will never look at yourself or life in the same way again.


The original and purest way to clear your mind, meditation has nearly an endless stream of benefits. The trick is to gain control over your mind and meditation allows you to do that over time. Once you do control your mind, you become the master of your own destiny.

Spend Time With Your Closest Friends

There is nothing better than having and recognizing a select circle of friends who you are comfortable around. Life can be a tumultuous experience but it is best experienced with the company of the family you chose personally; your closest friends. They can put a smile on your face even when you think it is an impossible task

Put In The Necessary Eight Hours

There is nothing better than a relaxed and comfortable mind in order to maintain your happiness levels. This can only be achieved when you are getting enough sleep on a daily basis and if your sleep cycle is fairly constant.

Be Adventurous

Being adventurous and trying your hand at the absurd can be a surprising way to boost your happiness levels. You may think that sky diving is a nerve-wrecking experience, but once your finish that wild dive and safely take your place on the ground, you will be glad you participated in something truly extraordinary.

Spend Time With Animals

If you are an animal person, you know that there can be great joy in spending time with one of God’s creatures and taking in their aura of awesomeness. Volunteering in an animal shelter or taking care of one of your family/friend’s pet can be a great way to liven up your day.

Make Time For Yourself

Sure life gets really busy at times, but it is important to always remember that it is still your life. Whenever you get flustered or if things are not going your way, make sure you take some time off to concentrate on yourself and make time for happiness in your life.

Draw A Bath

Is there anything more relaxing than a well-drawn bath? Probably not. If you have a day off, spending an hour or two in your bathtub, reading or listening to music or simply relaxing can be a fun thing to do.

Look Back On Fond Memories

It is hard to live in the moment and most people end up struggling with this facet of life. This does not mean that we cannot absorb the moment to the best of our ability and come back to it in a time we need it most. Your life must already be a collection of several great memories. It is great exercise to look back on these on a timely basis and recognize how fortunate you have been.