20 Wacky Laws You Never Knew Existed

It Is illegal To Throw Confetti In Alabama

In Mobile, Alabama, it is against to law to throw confetti or spray silly string. So if you want to celebrate we suggest you opt for balloons.

This restriction is reportedly a safety measure as confetti can be inhaled through the nose and mouth and can result in difficulty breathing.

In Thailand It Is Illegal To Step On Money

If you ever see money on the streets of Thailand, you better not step on it. This act is illegal in that country and you can fined or even sent to jail for the act.

The people of Thailand respect their king and since his image is on Thai currency, stepping on it is similar to stepping on the king. Defacing Thai money is also considered illegal.

In Iowa, A Man With A Mustache Cannot Kiss A Woman In Public.

Reportedly it is considered illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public in the state of Iowa. This act can get you fined or arrested although there is no explanation why.

In France, It Is Illegal To Marry A Dead Person

In France marrying a dead person is considered illegal. However in some cases permission can be granted to marry the dead, if the living person gets the approval from the Nation’s President and Justice Minister to do so.

The living spouse must provide compelling evidence that the decease intended to marry them. Without approval, the posthumous act is against the law.