20 Things Every Twenty-Something Is Sick Of Hearing

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Contrary to popular belief, being in your 20’s isn’t all fun and games. Leaving college and entering the real world is a huge shock to the system and it’s hardly surprising that, for most people, being a 20 something is a bit of a struggle. Whilst you might be considered to be in the prime of your life, you guiltily hate every second of being in your 20’s and even though the dreaded 3-0 is just around the corner, you look forward to the next decade of your life with a very real hunger. If you’re in your 20’s, we feel your pain and if you’re not, make sure you never utter these things to someone who is.

So, What Are Your Plans For The Future?

As soon as you leave school, every day is like a minefield of awkward questions and probing enquiries. With every new person that you meet, you know exactly what they are going to ask you and you have to really stop yourself from shaking them, hard.

I Can’t Believe You’re Still Single!

According to pretty much everyone, it is desperately tragic to still be single in your 20’s. Those who are unlucky in love get the added bonus of hearing about it at every social occasion, which does wonders for self esteem.

Aren’t You A Little Old To Be Wearing That?

Despite having been a teenager a few years ago, all of sudden your entire wardrobe is off limits. You never even thought about covering your knees before but now, you feel scandalous for wearing a v-neck.

Did You Buy That Yourself?

If you’re lucky enough to be self-sufficient in your 20’s, then good for you. On the rare occasion that you actually decide to treat yourself to something, though, you face the ridicule of older friends who can’t hardly believe that you have any sort of cash.

You Could Move In With Your Parents!

For a 20 something, moving back in with your parents is like experiencing sudden death. When people “helpfully” suggest you move back in order to save cash, you feel like running your head repeatedly into a wall. Just no.

Any Plans To Settle Down?

You still act like a child and you don’t even drink coffee, yet all of a sudden, the entire world seems to want you to get married and procreate. The fact that you don’t even understand taxes yet seems secondary; you should settle down and start looking to the next generation.

Aren’t You Worried You’ll Get Left Behind?

When this question comes around, you shed a little tear. Yes, you want to say, I fear it every moment of every day, but instead, you shrug and walk away. Next time, maybe you’ll tell them what you really think.

How Many Jobs Have You Had?

Getting a job is one of the hardest struggles that any 20 something faces, so when you’re reminded of your career-based failings at every moment, it feels a little like a slap in the face. Whilst other people think you’re flaky, you like to think that you’re keeping your options open, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Have You Thought About Insurance?

Apparently, as soon as you turn 20, you’re supposed to have your entire life together, insurance and all. The fact that you don’t even own anything worth insuring makes these types of questions completely redundant but instead of saying anything, you shut up and nod along.

You Do Want Kids, Though?

In your opinion, you still are a kid, so the thought of raising your own fills you with a kind of panic you’ve never before experienced. Sure, you want kids when you’re really old but right now, you need to focus on numero uno.

What Is Facebook?

Because you’re a 20 something, you’re probably a technological whizz and for most parents, this means they are free to ask you as many questions as possible. Anyone who has been down the social media route with parents will know the pain associated with this question and as soon as it is asked, you write off your entire evening’s plans.

Maybe You Should Try Online Dating!

If you’re lucky enough to be single, the entire world has an opinion on your love life and according to everyone you have ever met, online dating is where it’s at. You don’t even mention the fact that you’ve already tried Tinder and it left you feeling emotionally scarred and depressed.

What Do You Do All Day?

20 somethings without a job are open game for older generations and most people see no problem with probing into every element of your life. You feel like asking them what they get up to, but instead, you shrug and throw yourself on your bed.

Is That A Grey Hair?

You officially enter the world of adulthood when you find your first grey hair and for many people, it comes a lot earlier than you would have expected. When someone notices it before you, though, it’s somehow more humiliating.

Thirty Is On The Horizon!

What is it with other people and ageing? The people you meet seem to forget that you are aware of how old you are and instead, remind you at every moment how far you are from the next significant decade. You’ve been counting the days since you turned 20; you don’t need a reminder.

How Many People Do You Live With?

Living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 6 other people is a rite of passage for any 20 something, and if people can’t handle that, then that’s their problem. You like sharing a bedroom with 2 other people, anyway.

How Much Rent Do You Pay?

You’re officially an adult but people have no problem with treating you like a child. No detail of your life is left unturned and if it’s to do with money, it seems like everyone has something to say about it.

How Much Money Do You Make?

Landing your first graduate job is a huge milestone if you’re a 20 something and rather than congratulating you about it, people only seem concerned with the amount of money you’re making. You try to hold out and leave them in the dark, but eventually, you give in.

You Spend Too Much Time Online

Everyone has something to say about the way in which you live and if they aren’t criticizing your job, they’re worrying about your computer habits. All 20 somethings spend a lot of time online, so everyone else is just going to have to deal with it.

When I Was Your Age….

The mother of all irritating statements, as soon as someone says these fateful words, you switch off entirely. You compare yourself so much to the people around you, that when someone else starts to do it as well, you can’t handle it. You’re doing your best!