20 Things All ’00s Girls Did In The Summer Time

Dancing To Nelly And Kelis

No music since has matched up to the sweet beats of the ’00s summer hits. You spent your evenings in your friends’ gardens, singing Milkshake without really understanding the lyrics which, let’s face it, was a good thing.

Capturing Your Memories With Polaroids

If you were one of the lucky ones, your parents let you have a polaroid camera. No outing was complete until you had taken a roll of polaroid pictures and stuck them on your bedroom wall with industrial strength glue for everyone to see.

Highlighting Your Hair With Lemon Juice

Unless your parents were really cool, you had to take your hair styling into your own hands. You doused your hair in lemon juice and waited for the highlights to appear but really, things just got a bit sticky and orange.

Learning The Dance To The Ketchup Song

You had no idea what the words of the song even were but you forced yourself to learn all of the dance moves to this summer smash. You silently judged people who didn’t know the dance and shut them out of your inner circle.