20 Surprising Inspirations For Iconic Pieces Of Pop-Culture

Borrowed Gangster

Nora Ephron came up with the idea for her screenplay My Blue Heaven while her husband was researching a mobster in witness protection for a book. My Blue Heaven became a hilarious movie starring Steve Martin; the book by Ephron’s husband also became a movie – Goodfellas.

Mexican Icthyophobia

While the ultra-creepy Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth looks like it walked right out of nightmare, it actually didn’t come from such a scary place. The look for the creature came about from director Guillermo del Toro’s fear of manta rays.

Like A Boss Duck

The iconic lisp of animated character Daffy Duck was inspired by the speech impediment of loathed Warner Brothers producer Leon Schlesinger. When they asked Schlesinger what he thought of the goofy water bird, he said “That’s a funny voithe! Where did you get that voithe?

Tiny Invaders

Chris Columbus, famed director of Home Alone and Harry Potter, didn’t always lead a glamorous life. He once lived in a NY apartment that was infested with mice. Columbus was always afraid that the critters would gnaw off his fingers in the middle of the night – this fear inspired him to write the classic horror-comedy Gremlins.