20 Signs That You’re A French Person At Heart

You Don’t Care About Customer Service

Let’s face it; you don’t go shopping to make small talk with the shop assistant and if nobody says anything to you at the till, you don’t really care. Pretty handy, then, that in France, shop assistants are rarely chatty or sociable.

You Never Socialise On Public Transport

There’s only one place that you look when riding the subway or taking a bus and that’s the floor. Performers and socialisers on public transport make you incredibly uncomfortable and all you want to do is drift away into your thoughts.

You Own A Cat

Your cat is your fashion statement and goes everywhere with you. Most likely a pure bred, you dress your cat in miniature fashion items and the fact that they’re largely aloof works perfectly for you.

You Love Jazz

On a Saturday night, you can be found in a dark jazz cave on the wrong side of the tracks, tapping along to the double bass riff. Whilst your friends don’t get your obsession, you don’t care; jazz is to be enjoyed alone.