20 Shocking Photos Of Humans Slowly Destroying Planet Earth

The world is a magnificent place, teeming with life, however one of these life-forms are unlike all of the others. Humans have evolved over time to be the only species that doesn’t adapt to the world, it makes the world adapt to them. Through massive commercialization, industrialization and construction, we humans have changed the world to fit our needs.

Rarely do we think about what we’ve done to the world, how we’ve changed it to suit our needs, and when we do; it’s because of the idea of global warming has been pushed upon us. Humans have made a drastic impact on Earth, one which will take thousands, if not millions of years to be undone. Here are 20 pictures showing just how we’re slowly killing our planet.

Deepwater Horizon Explosion

In 2010, Mexico was left with a devastating oil explosion resulting in 16 workers injured and 11 workers never being found, this was known as the “Deepwater Drilling Rig Explosion”.

The explosion was considered the largest accidental marine oil spill in the world, and caused the Deepwater Horizon to sink and burn, later resulting in a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Palm Oil Plantations

Palm oil is the cheapest oil that we can get, and as the demand for the product is rapidly increasing, the Indonesian Government has responded to the public by setting a target to increase oil palm production up to 40 million tonnes by 2020, thus leading to rainforests in Borneo, Indonesia to be transformed into palm oil plantations.

The World’s Largest Land Vehicle

Pictured here is the worlds largest vehicle – a bucket-wheel excavator, the buckets depicted in this image can hold up to 200 tonnes each. These are used on surface mining operations to remove waste rock in order to reach the desired mineral — aiding in the destruction of our planet for mining interests.

Surfers Paradise

Food wrappers and bottles were spotted in a massive wave, off the coast of Java, Indonesia, as a surf photographer tried to get a picture of a professional surfer.

The photographer had said that the trash showed up out of nowhere, consisting of tree trunks the size of cars, food wrappers and bottles.