20 Shocking Mother’s Day Fails You Must See

Perkins Pies

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is a well known all-day breakfast restaurant that also sells pastries, it seems as though they may have had a hard time in the past on Mother’s Day. Maybe they thought that if they reminded customers to buy their mom’s pies on the special occasion, then they would be selling more on the day.

Adult World

We all know that Adult World isn’t the best place for a child to buy their mom something on Mother’s Day, but we don’t believe the person that changed this sign knows that.

She Cleaned Your Butt

Give appreciation to your mom on Mother’s Day, and just remember the woman did clean your butt for about 2 years of your life, and she may have to again in the future.


When you’re younger and just start writing, your encouraged by your parents to write more and they believe that you can now write cards on your own. This young child seems to be around 6 to 8 years old, just starting to write and telling their mom how much she means to them, just as much as dad means to them.