20 Shocking And Inappropriate Toys Created For Children

Wolverine Squeak Hammer

The Wolverine Squeak Hammer looks so ordinary some people may not even notice where the inflate nozzle sits. This one could have been placed anywhere but between Wolverine’s crotch.

Pee and Poo

Very young kids need toilet training, sure, but what would they do with pee and poop dolls? Wouldn’t it look really nasty to see your kids talking, hugging, or even kissing them?

E.T. Finger Light

Kids and avid fans of E.T. can ignore the weird shape of E.T.’s finger but mindful individuals have one thing on their mind the moment they see it. Oh, it lights up too!

Poo Dough

For those with penchant for donuts, a donut making set would be fantastic. But a poop donut maker is a different story. These people would probably see donut in a different light after playing the Poo Dough toy.