20 Selfie Fails That You Won’t Believe

Selfies are certainly becoming a popular way to share your favorite moments on social media, but these next few selfies are just wrong. There should really be a book on how to take a good selfie, or maybe, what not to do when taking a selfie. These next few selfie takers could absolutely use that. Check out our list of top failed selfies; they’re guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself, and hopefully help you avoid some tragic mistakes when taking selfies.

Selfie with a Camel

Okay, this is a fail, but an epic fail. Who takes a selfie with a camel? Although, it would be cooler if the camel wasn’t eating the persons head.

Road Rage Photobomb

This girl apparently didn’t notice the nice gentleman in the car next her before sharing this photobombed selfie.

Is That A Lawnmower

Why…just why?

Angles Are Everything

Apparently this cat never learned that you don’t put the camera below you. Horrible angle! How to take a selfie 101.