20 Ridiculously Simple Ideas That Made Millions

Magic Eight Ball

While the magic eight ball obviously has no real physic powers or abilities to tell the future, it is still a common item found in people’s homes around Europe and the United States. The toy was incredibly simple to create, as it is essentially just a plastic ball filled with alcohol and a 20-sided die. It became immensely successful though thanks to its low cost and the fact that it has appeared in so many films and TV shows as a way to make tough decisions.

Pillow Pets

Children love teddy bears, cuddly toys and sleeping on them in unusual places. When Jennifer Telfer saw this and noticed that the toys her son was using as pillows would flatten and wear out she realized there was a gap in the market for something that acted as both a toy and a pillow. The solution she came up with was the Pillow Pet, a large and firm cuddly toy in the shape of various animals that proved to be a hit.


Icanhas.cheezburger.com came about thanks to one particular meme that featured a rather tubby cat and the now infamous catchphrase. They then shared the domain with their friends and it soon became a viral hit, with millions of visitors going to the site. As people began to submit further content, the traffic to the site grew, providing plenty of advertising revenue until the pair of creators, Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami, sold it for $2 million.

Million-Dollar Home Page

Alex Tew was able to earn almost exactly $1 million through a truly unique idea he had. The then 21-year-old student was looking to pay his way through university and came up with the idea of selling space on his website as advertisements. Each pixel on the page sold at $1 and when the site went viral, companies, businesses and organizations all around the world jumped at the chance to have their name plastered on the site, netting Tew the full amount in just one year.