20 Ridiculous Products For Pet Owners

Cat Tunes

Have you ever heard of Teyus music? Well if you are a cat owner this one might appeal to you. Musician David Teie, has created what he calls “authentic music for cats.”

Each song is based on the cat’s physiological traits and instincts and is designed to convey a particular mood and feeling for the feline listener. This one takes ‘meow mix’ to another level.

Animal Nailpolish

Women love getting their nails done and apparently, animals do too. At least the creator of ‘Pawlish’ seems to think so, why else would he invent nail polish for pets?

Kitty Wigs

Because cats clearly don’t have enough hair on their bodies right? Now your cat can change his hairstyle every day thanks to these colorful kitty wigs.

Cat Translator

The meow-lingual cat translator analyzes your cat’s movements, expressions, sounds and behaviors in order to tell you what your cat is thinking.

The device, which is available only in Japan, is said to detect 6 different moods and 21 different emotions.